Alta Trust’s Philosophy of Good Partnership

Alta Trust values every single client partnership.  For Alta Trust being a good partner means making sure that we come through on each and every commitment we make.  It means constant communication and coordination so we unitedly get things right.  It can mean showing our partners a better, more efficient or more cost effective way to manage a business opportunity.  Being a good partner means being flexible and innovative in helping a fellow partner grow its business.  

We are true partners.  We avoid conflicts of interest that may arise within trust companies that are owned by large corporations with their own set of interests that may be in conflict with a prospect.  We are a family owned and operated trust company with a sincere mission to partner with other good people.

Based on our philosophy of partnership, it is not surprising that many of our partners have also become both trusted colleagues and good friends. Our partners know they can count on Alta Trust.

Alta Trust has consistently helped investment advisors become entrepreneurs within their own businesses, and together we have accomplished great things.
— Mark Ponder, President