The $14 Trillion Opportunity

How big is the qualified plan marketplace? Huge. There is over $14.5 trillion in employer based plans, including defined contribution plans like 401k and profit sharing plans and defined benefit plans of all sorts. And that amount continues to rise as employers and employees across the US contribute to their plans to meet the massive unfunded needs for their retirement years. How can qualified plan advisors capture a part of that marketplace of qualified assets? While there are many ways to gather retirement plan assets, we believe the best way is through the use of Collective Investment Funds.

Advisors who already have a book of business will discover that Collective Investment Funds present them with new ways to help their existing plan participants and with new and exciting opportunities to expand their assets under management.

Advisors who manage money may desire to offer their investment strategies in a CIF vehicle. Alta Trust may be willing to sponsor one or more investment strategies based on a variety of factors and due diligence.

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