Alta Trust establishes Collective Investment Trusts for investment managers across the US, and our company is changing the face of the qualified retirement plan industry.

Our business is focused on creating and administering these very cost effective and efficient trusts, which are sometimes called Collective Investment Funds (CIF). We partner with successful investment managers and bring their unique strategies to the retirement plan marketplace.

Collective Investment Trusts (CIT) have been around since the 1930’s. These “bank maintained” funds have also been known as Common Trust Funds (CTF) and Pooled Funds in times past. Now they work like mutual funds and are valued every day (NAV) and traded through the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).

Alta Trust is very innovative and entrepreneurial as we work with our partners to achieve their needs. Our interests are always aligned as we work together. If you want a better way to gather retirement plan assets, we invite you to talk with someone at Alta Trust and consider setting up your own family of Collective Investment Funds.

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