Independent Trustee Services


Sometimes it takes a little help to make a business opportunity work for two business partners who may not know each other well.  In these circumstances the services of a trust company can provide powerful and a beneficial tools for managing certain types of business opportunities.  

The trust company can provide an independent fiduciary that gives partners in enterprise the assurance that funds will be taken care of in a fair manner and that processes will be transacted with the oversight of an independent third party. Often the trust company can make the difference in whether a business opportunity happens or not.  

Alta Trust provides independent fiduciary services to facilitate such business transactions. For example, we can provide oversight of trusts or other contracts to make sure that parties are adhering to the underlying provisions of the documents. We can also provide non-discretionary trust services in which we hold and report on assets, or we can become the custodian of assets that are managed by an investment manager who needs to comply with the SEC custody rule.

A trust company has many powerful tools to make business work, and Alta Trust is a partner you can count on.