Health Savings Accounts

The Benefits of HSAs

Investment advisors can now broaden their practices and use the triple tax advantages of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for their clients.  HSAs provide valuable tax-advantaged savings that supplement the insurance coverage of clients and their families along with the additional benefit of providing an accumulation vehicle for retirement savings.  

HSAs provide the best of all benefits in that the contributions are tax deductible, the earnings are tax deferred and the withdrawals are tax exempt.

Recent actions in Congress are attempting to expand the number of qualifying participants and to increase the benefits for HSAs.  The Alta Trust HSA program gives advisor firms the turnkey options to use our existing HSA platform or to white label our program as their own program. 

HSA Opportunities

Sponsor an HSA program for your clients

Manage the HSA platform investment options

Give clients a very useful, tax deductible and tax exempt health benefit

Provide a debit card for all transactions

Give clients a new retirement savings vehicle