Alta Trust is an exceptional company

that can make your business

more profitable and more efficient

with our unique trust fund services.



Alta Trust is the leader in establishing trusts for investment managers across the US, and our company is changing the face of the retirement and wealth management professions.

We partner with successful investment managers and bring your unique strategies to the marketplace to grow your business and build your brand. We are focused on creating and administering and promoting these cost effective and efficient investment trusts, to give you an edge in the marketplace.

If you are a retirement manager trying to grow your business, we can set up Collective Investment Trusts to simplify the way you manage your book of retirement plans.  Or if you manage retirement plans using models or mutual funds, we help you get the best pricing and operational efficiencies through our 81-100 Group Trusts.  

If you are a wealth manager, we can establish a Private Fund for your high net worth private clients to provide them with your unique strategies in a non-qualified fund. Whether your strategy uses registered securities, private equity, real estate or hedging, a Private Fund can help you win new clients while rewarding your efforts.

We at Alta Trust are very innovative and entrepreneurial as we work with our partners to help you achieve your goals. Our interests are always aligned with yours as we work together. 





Collective Investment Funds

You have heard about these CITs. Now find out about how they can work to enhance your business and help your clients .

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81-100 Group Trusts

Something new in the retirement marketplace! Learn how to reduce fees in your plans and make your operations hum.

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Private Funds

Do you have high net worth clients? And do you want more? Explore how to use these funds to manage assets for qualified and accredited investors.

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