About Us

We have been in your shoes. We began our original companies in 1987 to serve our 401k plan clients with the best ideas, the best technology and the best practices in the growing retirement plan marketplace. We established some of the first 401k plans in the Northwest in the early 80’s when it was hard to sell plans to companies who didn’t know what a 401k plan was.

We worked with the best ideas of the day, using great mutual funds and daily valuation platforms. Later, we started an RIA firm to provide full fee disclosure and a low fee structure. We pioneered innovative ideas for employee education and had great success as we watched our plans grow.

Call us crazy, but we entered the recordkeeping and administration business to give our clients the very best service possible. We gained a ground level view of every aspect of retirement planning through this service. Having sold this business along with the RIA firm, we have a unique vantage point that lets us see all aspects of the retirement plan business . . . plan design . . . investments . . . administration . . . and marketing. We know what it takes to be successful in this business.

When the Tech Crash hit in March 2000, our participants lost money and we worried about the best way to help them. We researched our options and learned about Collective Investment Funds. What a great investment vehicle! They were cheaper than mutual funds and we could hire great money managers to invest the money. We found a reluctant trust company to partner with and started with one trust and nine funds. Our clients loved the idea. The Collective Investment Fund Vehicle was so wonderful and so compelling that we started our own trust company, Alta Trust Company, to fill the need for a willing, an experienced and an entrepreneurial trust company to serve the growing Collective Investment Trust business.

So here we are today Be sure to take a good look at us. We are great partners for your business. Our history tells the story and it is compelling.